Countax PGC A Series Collector - Body Only

RRP $1,979.34

The optional Countax Powered Grass Collector (Body) for the A Series tractor has been specifically designed for the British garden. Connected to the tractor’s power take-off, a spindle of brushes sweep the grass cuttings from your lawn and into the hopper, even when the grass is wet.

  • 390 litre capacity.
  • Brushes rotate at over 2,000 strokes per minute to sweep cut grass and garden debris into the bag.
  • A heavy roller, mounted to the rear of the collector, produces the classic stripe effect on a formal lawn.
  • The collector articulates independently to the tractor ensuring constant contact with the ground.
  • The brushes’ height can be adjusted for the best possible collection.
  • Empty the grass collector by lifting and pulling the empty handle. The gaping action of the collector ensures all material is ejected from the hopper quickly and efficiently.
  • The A-Series model features ‘push button’ emptying – a totally effortless way to empty the collector. Use in the autumn to mow, mulch and collect fallen leaves in a fraction of the time taken with a lawn rake.

We believe that there is no quieter or more efficient collection system available on the market today.

Model Number: BCXA30100004

Product Type: Ride-on Catcher Kits, PGC A Series

Warranty: 2 Year