MTD 439/38

RRP $3,699.00
The bigger stronger 439/38 ride-on mower features a 439cc OHV Engine that delivers consistent performance with its 6-speed transmission for peace of mind. 
With a 97cm (38") cutting deck, along with its affordable price, the 439/38 is ideal for those who are wanting to buy a ride-on for any residential block.   

Model Number: MT13AB76WF306

Warranty: 2 Year

Refer From: MT13AB76WF333

Engine Model: 439cc OHV Engine

Tow Hitch: No

Fuel Tank Size: 5.7L

Drive System: 6 Speed Manual

Speed: 9.2km/h

Chassis Type: 12 Gauge Full Length Steel

Turning Radius: 46cm/18"

PTO Clutch: Manual

Deck Width : 97cm / 38"

Blades: Non-Timed Twin Blade System

Cutting Height Range: 5 Position Height Adjustment 38-100 mm

Catcher Type: Optional

Additional Features : Reverse Mowing Control

Width: 130cm

Length: 170cm