WORX Landroid Anti Collison System (ACS)

RRP $399.00

With automotive-grade sensors and auto-pilot technology, the Worx Landroid® Robotic Lawn Mower Anti Collision System Accessory - WA0860 is designed to make lawn maintenance hassle-free. The ACS system uses ultrasonic detection to sense and navigate around obstacles that other robotic mowers would usually bump into. The ACS will help the Landroid navigate without collisions to prevent damage to trees, outdoor furniture and other objects in your backyard. 

Easy to install, simply screws to the top of your Landroid

Key Features

  • Steers through obstacles effortlessly, thanks to its automotive-grade ultrasonic sensors
  • Auto-pilot technology lets it operate without damaging your outdoor furniture, trees, and other objects in your yard
  • Obstacle avoidance function allows for better lawn maintenance without interrupting its algorithm
  • Simply screw to the top of your Landroid (sold separately), making it quick and easy to install
  • Comes with 2 mounting screws for added user convenience
Model Number: WA0860

Product Type: Robotic Lawn Mower

Warranty: 3 Year

Width: 15cm

Height: 18cm