Genuine Kawasaki Service Kit

RRP $165.49

Genuine Kawasaki Premium Quality Engine Service Kit

Replaces OEM: Kawasaki 99969-6191B, 99969-6346, 99969-6374, 99969-6409, 99969-6527

Fits: Kawasaki FX651V, FX691V, FX730V & FX730V EFI engine models.

Kit consists of

•      1 x KAW11013-7044 Genuine Kawasaki outer filter,

1 x KAW11013-7045 Genuine Kawasaki inner filter,

1 x KAW49019-0031 Genuine Kawasaki fuel filter,

1 x KAW49065-0721 Genuine Kawasaki oil filter,

2 x KAW99969-6296 Genuine Kawasaki SAE 10W-40 KTECH, 1 quart  bottles of engine oil, (2 Quarts =  1.892 Litres).

2 x SPKBPR4ES spark plugs,

Model Number: PPKAW99969-6527

Tow Hitch: No

Dust Extraction: No

Reverse Action: No