Black Knight

The “Black Knight” extract canopy is an industry icon.

“Black Knight” is range of commercial extract canopies can be supplied ‘ex stock’ and are available in a number of convenient standard lengths. The proven flexible design means, if required, they can be customised and re-engineered to suit particular installation and project requirements.

Steelfort design and custom builds island hoods, extra long hoods and special stainless steel ducting to order.

Contact Steelfort for more information on 06 350 1355.

Black Knight Commercial Extract Canopies


  • 1.2mm grain finish stainless steel on all external surfaces.
  • Easy clean gutters and drip channels with drain.
  • Galvanised back and top for easy duct positionings.
  • 1000mm deep, encompasses 800mm deep appliances easily.
  • Flexible positioning of filters and infill panels filters can be situated where required.
  • Four standard sizes all ex stock.
  • Removable filters and infill panels for easy cleaning and servicing.


  • Hood mounted fab with matching spogot (Fans and sized for 3.0m of ducting, larger duct runs may need engineering design).
  • Lights.
  • Stainless Steel Filters.
  • In hood adjustable dampers.
  • Custom ceiling shroud.

Model Width (mm) Filters Minimum Flue
Diameter with
Hood Fan (mm)
Hood Fan
BK1200 1200 2 420 240V/290W 65 1.45
BK1800 1800 3 420 240V/290W 90 2.18
BK2400 2400 4 465 240V/360W 115 2.90
BK3000 3000 5 520 380V/510W 140 3.63
BK3600 3600 6 520 380V/510W 165 4.36

Design complies to standard: AS1668.2 Supplement 1 2002