Hoshizaki Crescent Ice - KM Series

KM machines produce clear, crescent shaped ice. The unique shape is extremely versatile and extends from the splash-free serving of post mix soft drinks through to diverse applications such as fish transportation, display and even laser therapy.

This range includes a doublesided stainless steel evaporator, which requires fewer cycles to produce a full bin of ice, thereby reducing energy consumption.

All units are easily accessible for service via the front of unit. This reduces the time it takes to complete maintenance costs.

Ice machines are computer controlled so the ice making process is optimised under varying circumstances without the need for physical adjustments.

An easily cleanable air filter allows users to carry out a routine cleaning schedule themselves, extending the life expectancy of the ice maker, and cutting the frequency and cost of maintenance call-outs.

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Ice SizeCrescent - 30x37x13mm
Ice Production41kg / 24HRS
Freeze Cycle Time25min
Bin Capacity16kg
Electrical Supply220-240V 50Hz
Power Supply2.73A
Weight (net)40kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)452x621x842mm


Ice SizeCrescent - 30x37x13mm
Ice Production50kg / 24HRS
Freeze Cycle Time28min
Bin Capacity23kg
Electrical Supply220-240V 50Hz
Power Supply3.0A
Weight (net)46kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)605x621x842mm


Ice SizeCrescent - 30x37x13mm
Ice Production74kg / 24HRS
Freeze Cycle Time23min
Bin Capacity40kg
Electrical Supply220-240V 50Hz
Power Supply3.7A
Weight (net)51kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)605x723x842mm


Ice SizeCrescent - 30x37x13mm
Ice Production105kg / 24HRS
Freeze Cycle Time21min
Bin Capacity45kg
Electrical Supply220-240V 50Hz
Power Supply4.2A
Weight (net)62kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)623x735x842mm



Ice SizeCrescent - 30x37x13mm
Ice Production255kg / 24hrs
Freeze Cycle Time26.8min
Bin CapacityBin sold separately
Electrical Supply220-240V 50Hz
Power Supply4.9A
Weight (net)57kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)560x625x610mm