Mowing the lawns on the weekend is a great kiwi tradition, and LawnMaster continues to serve hardworking Kiwis for over 75 years.

From a wide range of steel and alloy body mowers, battery and/or petrol-based products. LawnMaster has a range of high quality and reliable products, fit to serve your every lawn and garden need - without having to break the budget!

Being innovative is important, LawnMaster continues to expand the range with the introduction of Lithium 40 & 58 Volt 'Batteryshare', perfect for those with super busy lifestyles.   

LawnMaster - Mastering Kiwi Backyards Since 1946.

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LawnMaster Range


LawnMaster Estate Range - Alloy Chassis


LawnMaster Alloy Range - Alloy Chassis


LawnMaster Steel Range - Steel Chassis


LawnMaster Lithium Range - Steel Chassis

Chassis Types

Durable Steel Chasis

All LawnMaster steel mowers have a Durable Steel Chassis. This is made with robust materials to preserve the life of the chassis to handle tough kiwi conditions.

Primary Grade Alloy Chassis

All LawnMaster alloy mowers are made with Primary Grade Alloy which is an extremely strong and durable compound that is lightweight. Primary Grade Alloy extends the life of the mower and reduces the likelihood of damage to the chassis through cracking, breaking, or rusting.  LawnMaster Alloy Mowers also have a thick Cast Wear Strip on each side of the chassis to offer a stronger side impact point against objects. 

Cutting Height, Blades & Bolted Axles 

Types Of Cutting Blades

Four Swing Back Blades

LawnMaster Steel and Alloy Mowers have Four Swing Back Blades. If the blade hits something hard, it protects the engine from extensive damage.

Singe Bar Blade 

One of the most common types of Lawn Mower Blades is the Single Bar Blade. LawnMaster Lithium Mowers have a single bar blade. This type of blade is known to cut longer grass well and if blades are maintained can provide a great finish. 

Four Blade Disc

Single Bar Blade

Cutting Height Adjustment 

All LawnMaster alloy & steel mowers have a 10 Position Variable Steel Height Control which is stronger and more robust than plastic height quadrants found on other brands.

The cutting height adjustment can offer a cutting height range of 10-70 mm. 


Bolted Axle Attachments 

LawnMaster alloy mowers have Bolted Axles. These axles are securely fastened to the chassis to handle all mowing conditions. Having Bolted Axles also increases the overall life span of the mower in comparison to mowers with axles fastened by clips.  Some LawnMaster steel body mowers continue to have steel clips (See image 2).

Mow Zone & Self-Propelled Function 

Mow Zone

All LawnMaster alloy mowers have what we call Mow Zone. This enables the mower to cut beyond the wheel lines, achieving a superior finish along fences, trees, and paths.

Self Propelled Mowers

Some LawnMaster mowers have a Self Propelled (SP) function making it easier to mow lawns on sloping sections, or when you want lawnmowing to be less strenuous. Simply hold down the handle and let the mower do all the work without breaking a sweat!

Double Ball Bearing Wheels 

Double Ball Bearing Wheels

All LawnMaster mowers have double ball-bearing wheels. With no bushes to be worn out and ball bearings that can be tightened, and or replaced. Wobbly wheels are a thing of the past!

 Starting Functions, Wash Ports & Handle Folding


Pull Start 

All LawnMaster mowers have 'easy pull' starting features. Simply pull the cord quickly to get the mower started. Depending on the mower and brand of engine, some LawnMaster mowers also have the Readystart engine feature - No Priming - No Choke required.  


Zone Start 

Zone Start is an easy pull start system available on most LawnMaster Mowers. For the Zone Start, the starting cord is on the handle. Simply push the mower forward while pulling the cord to start the mower, the simultaneous movement will start the engine without having to bend over and (or) injure your back in the process.


Briggs & Stratton InStart 

Instart is the world’s first lawnmower engine to combine the power of petrol and the starting reliability of Lithium-ion battery technology. Simply push the button or turn the key to start the mower. InStart® - No Priming - No Choking - No Pulling - Instant & easy starting.


Push Button Start

LawnMaster Lithium Mowers have easy push-button starting features. Simply push the button and pull the starting bail to mow your lawns.


Wash Ports

All LawnMaster alloy mowers have an easy access wash port making it effortless to clean the underside of the chassis


Handle Folding Mechanisms

All LawnMaster mowers have simple and reliable mechanisms to fold the handles for easy storage, and or transport. 


Cam Locks

All LawnMaster alloy mowers have easy cam lock fittings for quick handle folding.


Knurled Lock

All LawnMaster steel mowers have robust knurled lock fittings.


Low One-Piece Handle 

Most LawnMaster mowers also have a lower one-piece handle for easy lifting and transport. 

Mulch Functions

Mulch Functions

Most LawnMaster steel and alloy mowers have Mulch Plugs. Mulching is a good way to give back to the lawn as grass clippings are a natural fertilizer to help maintain a greener and more lush lawn. The Mulch Plug is easy to plugin and is used without the catcher.

Mulching Tip: Mulching alleviates the need to remove grass clippings and reduces the weight of the mower for easy operation. The function should only be utilised when the lawn is relatively dry.




Comfort Grip with Beverage Holder 

All LawnMaster Lithium Mowers have comfortable Soft-Grip handles that absorb the vibration for easy operation. 

These mowers also have a beverage holder ato keep you hydrated when mowing the lawns.  


Comfort Grip 

Comfort grip is a foam-based Soft-Grip handle that absorbs the vibration for easy operation. 


Ergonomic Handles

Ergonomic Handles for the comfortable operation of Mower.


Anti-Vibration Handles 

Anti-Vibration handles absorb and reduce the risk of suffering hand-arm vibration for comfortable operation.