RRP $59.86
  • Description: PFERD 6" (150 mm) Depth Gauge Flat Files
  • Editorial: Quality PFERD depth gauge files, made in Germany with a stock removal rate that is
  • precisely tailored to the depth gauge.
  • Features: Depth gauge files, 2nd cut.
  • Rectangular files with two round uncut edges and cut on two sides.
  • Stock removal rate is precisely tailored to the depth gauge.
  • Box of ten files.
  • Made in Germany
  • Designed to use in conjunction with our depth gauge tools and wooden file handle
  • (refer below)
  • Replaces OEM: PFERD 11610153
  • Length: (in): 6"
  • Length: (mm): 150 mm
  • Width: (inches) 0.629"
  • Width: (mm) 16 mm
  • Thickness: (inches) 0.118"
  • Thickness: (mm) 3.0 mm
  • Fits: Suitable for filing and maintaining the depth-gauge heights on chainsaw chains.
  • Standard Pack Quantity: 1 (Box of 10)
  • Please Note: Replaces our part number GAF90410. For maximum results use with our depth gauge
  • tool part numbers GAF22290 (.025"- .030") or GAF22291 (.035"- .040") and wooden
  • file handle part number GAF8332. For a single file option use our part number
  • TOL8321-1.
  • Brand: PFERD, GA Forestry Accessories,
  • Product Line: Chainsaw depth gauge files, files - chainsaw, flat files -depth gauge, depth gauge
  • files,
Model Number: PPTOL8321