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Crescent Ice Makers

Crescent Ice Machines

Discover Hoshizaki’s KM ice machines – where form meets function for unparalleled performance. Crafted to perfection, our machines create flawlessly clear, crescent-shaped ice that not only elevates aesthetics but also maximizes storage capacity. Revolutionize energy efficiency with our ingenious double sided stainless steel evaporator. This innovation minimizes production cycles, slashing energy consumption while maintaining peak ice output. Bid farewell to mineral buildup, as our design ensures crystal-clear, durable crescent cubes while enhancing the efficiency of pump and compressor operations. Simplify maintenance with accessible front-facing units, reducing downtime and optimizing service efficiency. Harness the power of technology with computer-controlled ice making, ensuring optimal production even amidst changing conditions, all without the need for manual adjustments.

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