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With over 70 years of experience in the commercial kitchen and food service industry, Hoshizaki has become a name synonymous with quality and innovation.

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FM Flaked Ice

Introducing Hoshizaki’s exquisite premium dry flakes – the cool choice that sets the gold standard. The heart of our design lies in the internal auger, ensuring the utmost ice quality with fewer maintenance concerns. Powered by a sealed unitized motor and gear train, the auger operates with moisture resistance, guaranteeing reliability. Experience precision at its finest with microcomputer-controlled Hoshizaki ice makers. No more manual adjustments needed; our machines adapt effortlessly to various conditions, optimizing performance consistently. Worried about ‘freeze-burn’? Rest easy as our ice’s unique attributes make it the ideal display companion for fresh fish and produce. Unparalleled durability is achieved through stainless steel auger and evaporator components, boosting overall ice maker longevity and curbing maintenance expenses. Empower end-users with an easily cleanable air filter for routine maintenance, prolonging product life and minimizing maintenance costs. With our innovative auger system, water consumption is harmonized with ice production, ensuring an efficient and balanced process. Elevate your cooling game with Hoshizaki – where premium dry flakes meet cutting-edge design for unbeatable quality and performance.

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