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In Hustler Country we build mowers that last. Mowers not afraid of a little hard work!

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Discover the ideal Hustler mower for any lawn size, with options to fit various budgets and cutting widths.

Land Owner Zero Turns

Experience Hustler toughness in a range of comfortable, easy-to-use zero turn mowers, perfect for large residential properties.

Small Business Zero Turns

Upgrade to a commercial-quality Hustler Zero Turn mower, specifically designed for solo contractors and small commercial mowing crews.

Big Business Zero Turns

Engineered for demanding wide area mowing tasks, they deliver the productivity, reliability, and all-day comfort that large commercial mowing crews require.

The First Zero Turn

Back in 1964, inventor John Regier recognised the need for a ride-on mower with a zero-radius turning circle – one that could easily maneuver around irregular garden beds, small trees, posts, and poles without leaving an uncut circle. This led to the creation of the world’s first zero-turn mower.

Since that pioneering innovation in 1964, Hustler has maintained a long and proud history of leadership and innovation. They have consistently built zero-turn mowers that are purpose-fit, with uncompromised functionality and build quality.

When you choose Hustler, you’re choosing the original and still the best zero-turn mower.

Here to Work

Whatever your daily hustle, you need equipment that can keep up.

Long days and tough conditions take their toll, and when your livelihood depends on your equipment, downtime is costly and inconvenient.

That’s why every Hustler mower is built to work, not to meet a price point. Hustler mowers show up day after day, year after year, ready to tackle any job.

For a better-built mower that supports you and your wallet, choose Hustler.

Arrange a test drive or on-site demo with your local Hustler dealer today.

Why Choose Hustler?

Whether you have a large property or a small yard, Hustler offers reliable and affordable zero-turn mowers to make grass cutting easy and efficient.

Since 1964

Hustler introduced the world’s first zero-turn mower in 1964, marking the beginning of a long history of innovation and leadership.

Finance Solutions

Discover our GEM Visa options and enjoy the convenience of mowing now and paying later! Bring your new equipment home today.

Here to work

Hustler mowers, with their exceptional build quality, deliver consistent performance day after day, year after year, ready to tackle hard work.

40+ Dealers NZ Wide

Experience Hustler from the driver’s seat at your local dealer, or arrange a convenient on-site demonstration. visit the Hustler dealer locator.


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Welcome to Hustler country!

A place where people earn their keep. In Hustler Country we build mowers that last. Mowers not afraid of a little hard work.