CNC Services

CNC Services is the focal and starting point for most manufactured projects and supports both of the Commercial Products Divisions as well as well as supplying services and products to other in-house Divisions and external OEM and general trade clients.


CNC Laser Profile Cutting

Our staff, with the aid of Laser accuracy, cut and produce repetitive items within fractional millimetre tolerances meeting the exacting requirements of production orientated components and sub assemblies.

CNC Turret Punch Press

Steelfort has two CNC turret punch presses, a 15 ton Wiedemann machine and a 20 ton Amada. Both machines are fast, accurate and can be used to produce almost any shape – round, obround, square, perforations, louvers and cowls at a minimum hole size in stainless steel of Ø2.0 in 1.6 and Ø5.0 in 3.0.

CNC Press Brake

Steelfort has four press brakes. Maximum throat depth is 270mm and blade length of 3100mm. The backstops are programmed to move in two horizontal directions at once, while the blade's downward direction can be varied. This allows fold angles from 36° to 179° with up to 18 sequential steps.

Hydraulic Guillotine

Our staff, utilise and co ordinate the machines to cut heavier plate to meet the projects exact fabrication requirements

Robotic Welding

A highly efficient item in the CNC portfolio of machines for the consistent accuracy of production manufactured sub assemblies.

CNC Production Guillotine

Our staff use the Production Guillotine to cut repetitive sheets within close tolerances to aid the downstream the production requirements of smaller items.

CNC Products, Services & Capabilities

Steelfort offer an wide array of products and services. We work with many industry sectors including fabrication, heat exchange, lawn & garden, architectural, OEM and Agricultural. Materials we work with include Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Galvanised, EGMS, Carbon Steel and acrylics.