Ideal for homeowners with small acreage, the Rover Lawn King 547/42 is a top choice. This mower is expertly engineered to efficiently trim your grass, delivering a pristine lawn with minimal effort.

Cutting-Edge Technology

A standout feature of this mower is its intelligent blade system, which constantly assesses the grass density beneath it. When encountering dense patches, the blades automatically increase their rotation speed, effectively tackling thicker areas. As they approach thinner sections, they slow down, ensuring a uniform cut across your lawn. This smart blade technology guarantees a well-maintained appearance for your lawn, making mowing hassle-free and satisfying.

Exceptional Build Quality

The Lawn King is built to handle uneven terrain thanks to its robust cutting deck and anti-scalping roller wheels. This design not only ensures a well-manicured turf but also prevents damage to your grass.

Enhance your mowing experience with optional accessories like the tow hitch, grass catchers, and mulch plugs. These add-ons offer versatility and convenience, allowing you to tailor your mowing process to your specific requirements.