The Benefits of using a Post Hole Borer

A post hole borer, also known as an auger or earth auger, is a tool used for digging holes in the ground. It consists of a rotating helical screw blade attached to a power-driven mechanism. Here are some benefits of using a LawnMaster post hole borer:

Time Saving

 Using a post hole borer can significantly reduce the time and effort required to dig holes compared to traditional manual methods such as using a shovel. The power-driven mechanism makes the digging process quicker and more efficient.

Precision and Consistency

Post hole borers allow for precise and consistent hole digging. The rotating blade creates a clean and uniform hole diameter, which is important for various applications such as fence posts, signposts, or planting trees.

Reduced Physical Strain

Using a post hole borer minimizes the physical strain on the operator. Compared to manual digging, the power-driven mechanism does most of the work, reducing the risk of fatigue or injuries associated with repetitive digging motions.


Post hole borers come in different sizes and configurations, allowing you to adapt to various hole sizes and soil types. They can be used for both small-scale residential projects and larger commercial or agricultural applications.


Post hole borers are portable and easy to transport, making them convenient for use in different locations. They are also relatively simple to operate, requiring minimal training or experience.


While the initial investment in a post hole borer may be higher than manual digging tools, it can save you money in the long run by reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. It also minimizes the risk of costly mistakes or uneven hole depths.

LawnMaster have now added a Post Hole Borer to their range of outdoor power equipment that can deliver all these fantastic benefits. To find your local stockiest check out our “Find your Dealer” page.