2SGS EFI + Winch

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The latest model of legendary SPIDER mowers will surpass what you have expected from professional mowers so far. Featuring enhanced Kawasaki engines with cutting-edge EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) technology, the SPIDER series tackles terrains previously deemed formidable with unmatched prowess.

• Productivity of up to 8,500 m2 per hour
• Kawasaki EFI Engine
• Cut up to 1.5m of tall grass
• Up to 60 ° mowing inclination
• 2 Year Warranty



The SPIDER 2SGS EFI effortlessly attains an astonishing productivity rate of up to 8,500 m2 per hour. Amidst challenging landscapes, such as overgrown grass or steep inclines, its productivity escalates by up to 30% when compared to the carburetor-engine equipped SPIDER 2SGS.

A Paradigm Shift in Mowing Precision
The hallmark of SPIDER mowers lies in their pioneering mowing system rooted in superior mulching, eliminating the need for cumbersome material collection and disposal. The meticulously mulched grass is gracefully dispersed, imparting vital nutrients to the lawn.

Consistency Perfected
Achieving immaculate mowing results necessitates unwavering blade speed, even when grappling with dense, towering grass. The electronically controlled fuel delivery ensures a consistent influx of fuel into the combustion chambers, preserving constant blade speed. Consequently, the mower maintains its pace even while traversing dense grass or navigating steep slopes. Armed with four rotary blades forged from specialized HARDOX® alloy, the SPIDER 2SGS EFI guarantees remarkable resilience and flexibility when encountering unexpected obstacles.

Elevating Solar Panel Maintenance
Mowing beneath solar panels, once a convoluted task, is now seamlessly executed by the 2SGS. A remote-controlled marvel with omnidirectional mobility.

Evolution of a Classic
Built upon the foundation of the ILD02 model, a testament of time-tested excellence, the SPIDER 2SGS has undergone meticulous adaptations to fulfill the demands of solar power plants. A low-profile design means it gracefully manoeuvres beneath solar arrays.
Sporting a 10 cm reduction in height and a perforated engine cover, it optimizes air circulation within the engine compartment, rendering it impervious to scorching temperatures. Additionally, its versatility extends to orchards, parks, and even winter landscapes, courtesy of an optional snow plough attachment designed to clear snow up to 40 cm in height from sidewalks and parking lots.

Scaling New Heights – Safely
The SPIDER 2SGS EFI and ILD02 EFI proudly stand as the sole mowers certified to conquer slopes with a 60° inclination. Equipped with a patented stabilizing winch, these mowers ascend slopes with unparalleled safety, their featherweight demeanor sparing the ground from harm’s way.

Additional information

Weight 387 kg
Dimensions 164 × 142 × 82.5 mm
Warranty 2 Year
Power Unleaded Petrol
Engine Model Kawasaki FS730V-EFI
CC Rating 726 cc
Start System Electric
Fuel Tank Size 16 L
Deck Width 123 cm / 48.5"
Maximum Slope Gradient Up To 41 Degrees / 60 Degrees (Winch)
Turning Radius Zero Turn With 4 Wheel Steering
Drive System Hydrostatic
Blades Four Blades
PTO Clutch Electromagnetic
Speed 8 km/h
Cutting Height Range 90-140 mm / 70-120 mm
Wheel Type 16 x 6.50 – 8
Mulch Function Mulches During Operation
Oil Capacity 9 L
Additional Features EFI- Electronic Fuel Injection, 360°, 4-Wheel Drive (Spider-mode), All Direction Mowing, Snow Plough (Optional Extra), Skid Steering, Tackle Monster Slopes Up To 60 Degrees (Winch)


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