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Introducing the Exclusive SPIDER 2SGS: Pioneering Turf Care for Solar Farms.
Benefit from the exclusive patented drive system that seamlessly enables mowing in all directions, coupled with the versatile skid-steering capability and robust Kawasaki engine ensures effortless cutting even through thick vegetation. The SPIDER 2SGS effortlessly conquers obstacles and demanding landscapes, seamlessly enhanced with a lowered profile, the SPIDER 2SGS boldly asserts its role as the premier SPIDER lawn mower, adeptly tending to grass beneath solar panels.

• Remote controlled
• Four-blade mowing mechanism
• Replaces up to 15 brush cutters!
• Low profile
• 2 Year Warranty



The SPIDER 2SGS redefines remote-controlled mowing, specifically tailored to nurture turf areas encircling photovoltaic (PV) panels on solar farms. Derived from the SPIDER ILD02 model, the SPIDER 2SGS boasts enhanced hydraulic engines and a sleeker profile, making it the ultimate choice for upkeeping the grass beneath and surrounding PV panels.

Unveiling Unmatched Efficiency
The SPIDER 2SGS stands toe-to-toe with its counterpart, the SPIDER ILD02, in terms of productivity. With the potential to replace up to 15 brush cutters or the equivalent of a heavy machinery unit, it slashes operational costs substantially.

A Quantum Leap in Productivity
Bid farewell to strenuous labor, as the SPIDER 2SGS elevates daily output through its hands-free operation. Unlike manual counterparts, no mandatory work breaks are required, resulting in significantly heightened productivity.

Innovative Mulching Mastery
Our pioneering mowing mechanism champions premium mulching quality, eliminating the need for grass collection. The meticulously cut grass is evenly dispersed, nurturing grassroots as a valuable nutrient source for sustained growth. The SPIDER 2SGS boasts a four-blade mowing system engineered from specialized alloys, ensuring robustness and flexibility in the face of accidental collisions with fixed obstacles. For park and garden aficionados, optional curved blades complement the classic design, catering to diverse mowing preferences.

Elevate your Turf Management with SPIDER 2SGS – Empowering Precision, Efficiency, and Growth.

Additional information

Weight 387 kg
Dimensions 164 × 143 × 82.5 mm
Warranty 2 Year
Power Unleaded Petrol
Engine Model Kawasaki FS691V
CC Rating 726 cc
Start System Electric
Fuel Tank Size 16 L
Deck Width 123 cm / 48.5"
Maximum Slope Gradient Up To 41 Degrees / 55 Degrees (Winch)
Turning Radius Zero Turn With 4 Wheel Steering
Drive System Hydrostatic
Blades Four Blades
PTO Clutch Electromagnetic
Speed 8 km/h
Cutting Height Range 90-140 mm / 70-120 mm
Wheel Type 16 x 6.50 – 8
Mulch Function Mulches During Operation
Oil Capacity 9 L
Additional Features 360°, 4-Wheel Drive (Spider-mode), All Direction Mowing, Skid Steering, Tackle Monster Slopes Up To 55 Degrees (Winch), Winch Included


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