Discover the Hidden Gem of Remote-Controlled Slope Mowers

When it comes to SPIDER mowers, safety and innovation are at the forefront of our design. Our remote-controlled mowers are the only to be certified by independent testing agencies, ensuring that our claims are backed by rigorous research and evaluation. But what sets our mowers apart is the integrated hydraulic winch system, a feature that elevates our machines to conquer slopes of up to 60 degrees (depending on the model). This unique benefit is unmatched by any competing remote-controlled mower on the market today.

Let’s dive deeper into the hydraulic winch system and why it’s a game-changer for those looking to maintain slopes steeper than 40 degrees.

Preserving Slopes without Soil Erosion

Some may mistakenly assume that a hydraulic winch implies a weak engine incapable of scaling slopes independently. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Competing remote-controlled slope mowers may claim to handle slopes of up to 40 degrees, but it’s crucial to note that their operator’s manuals often limit their vertical climbing capacity to just 35 degrees before the terrain begins to suffer damage. In contrast, SPIDER’s hydraulic winch system acts as a stabilizer, minimizing soil disturbance and ground pressure on steep slopes. Unlike track mowers that tend to be heavier and dig into the terrain for traction, SPIDER products on wheels do not disrupt the soil in the same way. This preservation of ground cover vegetation allows it to thrive rather than being destroyed.

The Science Behind SPIDER’s Terrain Preservation

Did you know that a SPIDER mower’s winch reduces ground pressure by a remarkable 25%?

For instance, without SPIDER’s winch, each leg or wheel carries approximately 212 pounds of pressure on the terrain at a weight of 1,000 pounds. As the slope increases past 30 degrees, more weight is distributed to the bottom wheels or the backside of competing RC mowers. This redistribution of weight becomes problematic beyond 40 degrees, as their tracks begin to harm the terrain.

SPIDER’s winch, with its 25% reduction in leg pressure, lowers the pressure to 160 pounds per leg or wheel. This significant reduction makes it possible to conquer ultra-steep slopes of up to 60 degrees without causing harm to the terrain, ensuring a precise and fine cut every time.

SPIDER’s Hydraulic Winch: An Unmatched Asset

Beyond its terrain-friendly capabilities, SPIDER’s hydraulic winch, combined with the mower’s advanced features, offers a multitude of benefits for landscapers:

  1. Simplified Maintenance: Easily conduct maintenance on challenging terrain and in various conditions.
  2. Unprecedented Slope Tackling: Mow slopes of up to 60 degrees, surpassing the capabilities of most commercial mowers.
  3. Remote Accessibility: Gain remote-controlled access to hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Enhanced Safety: Improve operator safety conditions.
  5. All-in-One Solution: Replace the need for various pieces of equipment with an all-encompassing landscaping solution.

Considering the Benefits of a Winch

Spider Mower recommend using a winch when operating equipment on slopes. The winch enhances operator safety, prevents roll-overs that can damage your mower, minimizes soil disturbance and erosion, and more. If you’re debating whether to invest in an RC mower with or without a winch, consider the advantages of SPIDER — the sole mower on the market equipped with a winch that guarantees a flawless cut without harming the terrain.

Remember, the hydraulic winch is not a drawback in a slope mower; it’s a benefit that grants you superior climbing ability, heightened safety, and the ability to maintain extreme slopes without leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.